Conservative Injection Series - Homeopathy, Ozone, PRP

Made for the conservative
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What We Do

We take you from beginning to end on everything you need to become proficient in implementing conservative injections into your clinic.


November 15-16th

Courses are filled in order of date. If you are looking to get into a later course contact us to let us know! - 

Benefits of The Course


This training was created with the common conservative practitioner in mind. Everything is applicable and practical for you and your patients.

Hands On 

The most important aspect of learning to inject is DOING it. We emphasize this to ensure that you are comfortable and confident!


We want to continue to add value and create a living community network. We are all in this together and can help each other grow. These treatments are still in discovery.
Course credits are given through DConline/University of Western States Continuing Education Department and UWS is recognized by the PACE program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards.
All program literature, brochures, official correspondences, signage, nametags and handouts must receive approval
from DConline/UWS before publication.
Only applicable for DC licenses in select states. 
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Accelerated Healing
My clinic specializes in Athletic injuries and human performance by accelerating healing, maximize function and human performance. We have a high degree of success but there are cases that we just can't seem to resolve. The Procedures taught by doctors Manwaring and Carlson have added another dimension in therapeutics that have been the solution to my chronic difficult cases. The procedures they have developed have added an amazing set of tools for better outcomes. I strongly recommend their program to any physician who wants to take their practices to the next level.
Craig F. Buhler DC, F.I.C.C.
Adding Another Tool to My Bag
I can't thank the instructors enough for giving me the information and skills I needed to add injections to my practice. I really enjoy providing this service while seeing spectacular results in a variety of both acute and chronic conditions. The lecture portion was educational and entertaining, and the hands-on portion was vital. Thanks for your hard work and for bringing this to our profession!
Simply Amazing!
Doctors Manwaring and Carlson offer a great course if you’re looking into incorporating homeopathic, ozone, or PRP injections into your practice. This is a very hands on approach and they leave nothing lacking for gaining experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the price was well worth it. I am happy to recommend this course but especially these two doctors! Thank you both for your knowledge and tutelage!
Confidence Boost
Great info that you can begin same day. Zach is interesting in helping the chiropractic profession enhance protocols and get unified. As a profession we can all help each other by getting on the same page. Zach offers great insight, research, and guidance to help with just that.
Healing Patients FasterThis course has altered my practice for the better. It is awesome to have an additional tool to help with pain and healing. Patients have been amazed at the results they can get within minutes. The instructors are also amazing. The course and hand on learning leave you confident to perform what you learn in class. Highly recommend. Get yourself trained and certified. This is a game changer.
Fantastic course!
Dr. Manwaring and Dr. Carlson did a fantastic job in presenting the material, very knowledgeable and experienced, and it was fun being there...and the best part is it can be used right away to help patients. Take the course and heal your patients, they’ll be forever grateful you brought them the healing power of ozone! Don’t hesitate and get started today, you’ll be grateful you did. Best and most useful course I’ve taken in over 20 years!

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