PRP Injection Training

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  • Author
    Zach Manwaring
  • Level
  • CEUs
    8 hours
  • Online
    4 hours
  • Live
    4 hours

Ready to go to the next level? The addition of platelet concentrates will further open your capacity with regenerative medicine and improve the outcomes that ozone already gives!

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November 15-16

Courses are filled in order of date. If you are looking to get into a later course contact us to let us know! - 

What's included?

  • Online Coursework
  • 4 Online hours
  • 4 Hands-on hours
  • Full Preparation for Live Trainings
  • Community Based Learning with Online Conferencing

Gain Comfort & Confidence

Learn for yourself so that you can explain to your patients. A confused mind never buys and you need to both understand things in complexity and simplicity.

Grow Your Business

Gain another tool to take your treatment options to the next level! Patients will appreciate an effective, safe, and affordable option.
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