Why Study With Us?

Our mission is to develop competent clinicians in the practice of injections. We want to increase your ability and confidence so that you can increase your patient's confidence in you. This treatment should be available to more people as a first line option.
Our team

Meet our team

Zach Manwaring, DC
Dr. Manwaring grew up in Woods Cross, Utah. After completing his bachelor’s degree at USU & BYU-Idaho in social work, he worked for a time and then switched gears and went to St. Louis, Missouri for a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University.

After graduation he found Dr. Carlson and quickly found him to be like minded. Their core values matched up in desiring to give patients the most value possible in the shortest amount of time. In their office chiropractic is a profession rather than simply a technique. A great deal of emphasis is placed on educating the patient to avoid triggers and develop the ability to manage pain on their own.

Ozone is what provides results otherwise unattainable. Being able to target the pain and treat the problem without dancing around the symptoms is monumental and patients know the difference.

When it became apparent that other doctors were incorporating ozone into their clinics without fundamental knowledge due to a lack of training something had to be done. Dr. Manwaring created a course with the help of Dr. Carlson's knowledge and expertise and it has grown and developed to this point. Yet, it will continue to grow and develop as time goes on.

The main reasons for this course are to 1) educate practitioners in the correct way to administer injections. 2) Safeguard the right for injections to be done by chiropractors in the state. 3) Take ozone to the masses through inquiring and competent practitioners.
Morgan Carlson, DC, FAAO
Dr. Carlson grew up watching the Jack LaLanne Show and doing his exercises. He graduated from USU as a mechanical engineer, got a job and hated it. He knew he had to change. He was very interested in fitness and looked up to Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Franco Columbo. He found out the latter was a chiropractor. He learned physical therapists were not entry-level providers so chiropractic looked like his route and would fit with fitness.

He has always been the type of person to give more value than he charges for. In addition he wants to ensure that his patients leave feeling better than they came. 

Because of these values he doesn't care to stick with one method alone. There is no one thing that he hangs his hat on. Therefore, he is always ready to take action and bring on a new challenge that will give him the ability to help more people. If there's something that can be added to his toolbelt and it passes the tests of being beneficial and accessible he will incorporate it.

He is well-known for being a chiropractor who does more. He owns a gym and puts an emphasis on fitness and self-care. His patients know that when they see him he will give them "everything" from adjustment, to acupuncture, to physical therapies. 

Now his reputation is being spread around far and wide as an ozone guy who does "those injections" that get people feeling better fast. He's always been an early adopter and has a great knack for getting on board with successful things.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring these treatments to the masses. Ozone in particular needs to become more widespread because of its convenience and effectiveness.
We hope to combine all the education and experience we have garnered and are continuing to cultivate.
  • Our online courses get the ball rolling and aim to fill in any knowledge gaps
  • The hands-on training is what this course was made for. Getting comfortable and confident with a needle is what's important.
  • We hope this is just the beginning of a lifelong learning that happens with our community and helps to improve the world of healthcare.

Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I can't get elsewhere?

We have been around to the other trainings and combine what they provided us with what we found lacking and had to discover for ourselves. One example is technique surrounding the injection itself - how to handle a needle and adapt it for different situations and make things more comfortable for the patient.

What does this course entail?

The main purpose of this course is to introduce you to injectables and quickly build proficiency. Training is based off of safe and effective subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. The remedies used are homeopathics, ozone, and plasma.  We will cover the very basics of how to prepare your office, gather appropriate supplies, hold a needle and progress needling technique, perform venipuncture, preparations of plasma therapies, many applications of ozone therapy, and more.

Will I get CE Credits?

Yes! We have put great effort into providing CE credits in addition to a certification component to establish competency. 

What should I expect?

- Ample hands-on opportunity.
- To learn things you hadn't considered and challenge your current perception.
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